We have a number of activities that provide platforms for gospel ministry by various individuals and groups.

Our vision is to be constantly renewed by the Gospel and become a reaching out church for all people, of all ages, and from all nations and culture.

Should you choose to get involved in God’s mission with us, you are more than welcome to any of our events.

Is there a God out there?  If so, how can I know Him?

What on earth am I here for?  What happens when I die?

Christianity Explored is a bible discussion for enquirers and seekers who want to know the God of the bible
 and discover answers to some of the deepest philosophical questions of life and existence.

Christianity Explored provides a safe space to consider these questions and many more.

Each session presents a key aspect of the Christian faith that answers questions above and much more.

To sign up please contact Kirstie 07303353058 or Charles 07714092188

Current course running at 6.30 pm 

 Christianity Explored