Woodberry Recovery


Woodberry Recovery is a team of compassionate workers who are reaching out to others who are struggling with life-controlling issues and destructive behavioural patterns; from the really addictive gambler, alcohol or drug user to those trapped in porn, eating issues, self harm and other things in between, even those enslaved in panic, anger, fearful and anxious thoughts patterns.

We offer teaching and advice for people in recovery, through a training course.
We also run group support sessions and creative workshops. These are intended to help alleviate isolation and loneliness and also sharing of information and experiences. Alongside these group meetings we also offer peer support and mentoring.

All our meetings enable people to see how they are not alone in their struggles, that people do care and that there is help and hope.

6:30PM - 9:00PM

Location: Woodberry Down Baptist Church – 190 Vartry Road (N15 6HA)

Email: woodberrydown01@aol.com  |  Phone: 07308353058 / 07714092188

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07308353058 / 07714092188